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Before the first sketches lead to a valuable design, it is important to base the work on a solid foundation. Thus it is almost always the first step to apprehend the audience, the context and the desired influence of a project, space or exhibit … we specialize in thorough ground works, ask questions and analyze the overall situation, in order to get to know the client and the project very well. Then we can make sure, that we hit the target with our work, and acquire the desired effects. Methodically we can obtain these goals, depending on the size and depth of the project in various ways, from simple discussions and inquiries, over using tools such as the “semantic differential”  till to a set workshop with the client, following the known rules of design thinking processes. This preparations lead to a solid concept and base for any project, may it be the product development of an entirely new object, or the right setup and targeting of the communication of a project and its contents or simply the catching of the “right” atmosphere in a controlled surrounding.

concept for the foyer of the Staatsoper Berlin