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Buck and Breck extension

After the opening of the first room of the Buck & Breck in 2010 the opportunity to open a second room occurred in 2015. The development almost doubles the space, and thus presented a couple of challenges: First of all, the unique atmosphere of the venue was supposed to be undisturbed and if possible enhanced. Thus the approach was to overcome the results of 2010 in 2015. In order to do that another interpretation of the fine-tuned intimacy of the first room could only be achieved with a different take on the same subject. It felt unacceptable to simply enlarge the space with the same conceptual elements.

The result is a room with an upholstered seating landscape, where the guests sit as closely and arranged together as in the front room, but here they can lounge in a huge sofa island. The shape of the furniture creates folds and small groupings on the map, allowing the guests to sit separately, but also interact with each other. The bar itself went back to the times before the expression „Bar“ was created: A place where the serving furniture was literally in the room, without a barrier between the bartender and the guests. This was realized by ‚taking the table of the front room, lifting it into an upright position and leaning it against one of the walls‘.

The Buck and Breck is listed in the 50 Best Bars Worldwide since 2013 and is currently ranked as #16 (2015). In 2014 it was chosen “Bar of the Year 2015” at the mixology bar awards.

Client: Goncalo de Sousa Monteiro
Year: 2015
Photos: Katja Hiendlmayer

 photo by Hidden Fortress