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About Hidden Fortress

Hidden Fortress is a partner-operated design studio for interior and experience design. It was founded by Jan Maley, Björn Meier and Ingo ‚Kalle’ Strobel in Berlin in 2013.

We develop holistic and sustainable design solutions with focussing on their spatial context. From the concept over the design process to the production we combine and control all relevant phases of a project.

Our work is led by the desire to create user oriented solutions. Targeting the needs of the clients as much as their customers with an holistic approach could be described as the attempt to verify and unify all the fractions and details which naturally form a complex situation. Thanks to a vital network of competent partners we are able to answer these needs with a high level of design and craftsmanship.

Space is the format we care to define. Unconventional and radical solutions are not a necessity, but they often help to create a positive and sustainable experience.